Top Tineco Floor Cleaner Solution Alternative you should know

If you’re looking for alternatives to Tineco floor cleaner solution, there are several options you can consider. this article seeks to explore those alternatives giving you a better understanding of of products you could use as alternative.

Obviously, you actually want to keep your kitchen and floor tiles clean and sparkling. Getting cleaning solutions these days might not be too easy as you might think as there are lots of products out there seeking to stand out in the market.

When seeking to purchase a cleaning solution, there are lots of product and you need to be specific when seeking to get a highly effective product as well as products that smell nice for your home.


What Is Tineco?

Tineco is a brand that specializes in the production /distribution of electric appliances.

Their electric vacuum tends to stand out of the list of their products as it is widely used as well as posses a great stand in the market place, making them a recognized brand.

They equally handle the production of the Tineco cleaning solution.

Tineco Floor Cleaner Substitute To Clean Your Home

No doubt Tineco floor cleaner makes your home look clean and shining but truth be told Tineco is more than expensive.

If you are on thr lookout for a cheaper alternative which means savings extra dollar then this post is for you.
We have made some research and found some excellent alternatives to Tineco floor cleaner that you should try out.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Tineco floor cleaner solution, there are several options you can consider. Here are a few alternatives:

Homemade Solution:

have you considered making your homemade floor cleaner? yes you can get this done using simple ingredients. some of the ingredients to consider are vinegar, water, and a few drops of dish soap.

and believe me, this is effective and do the job. to get started you should Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and then you should now add a small amount of dish soap to boost it cleaning power. This solution is effective for general floor cleaning.

Natural Floor Cleaners:

chemicals are known to be hash; so for folks that like going natural, you can switch over to an eco-friendly options that are made from plant-based ingredients.

there are a lot of brands out there for you to pick from such as Seventh Generation and Ecover. these two specific products are safe for your floors and also safe for your environment

White vinegar:

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer. so if you are looking the perfect third cleaner solution for your hard floor then you can use White Vinegar.
here is how to go about it;Mix one part vinegar with two parts water to make your own cleaning solution.


Borax is another natural cleaner that you should add on your list because it is known to be very effective at removing dirt, grime, and bacteria.

How to go about it to achieve the goal is to Mix one tablespoon of borax with one gallon of warm water with this mixture you should make your own perfect cleaning solution that works best.

Dawn dish soap

Dawn dish soap… yes the Dawn dis soap is also here to consider because it is a gentle detergent and you can use it to clean the floor.
how to go about this, is to get a tablespoon of it then Mix it with one gallon of warm water and there you have your own cleaning solution

Murphy’s Oil Soap

the Murphy’s Oil Soap is non toxic and biodegradable, so if you have children around or a pet and you are concerned about safety then you should go for this. and in fact you have nothing to worry about because it is a traditional wood cleaner and it is very effective in cleaning hard floors.

All-Purpose Floor Cleaners:

You might also consider some of this all-purpose floor cleaners that are available right there in the market. there are many of them to look look for. on our list are Bona, Method, and Mrs. Meyer’s. but what you should consider first are products that are very suitable for your specific flooring type.

Method Floor Cleaner

Method Floor Cleaner is another brand of cleaner solution out there. this is a commercial floor cleaner and If you have concerns about hash chemicals then the Method Floor Cleaner is actually free of harsh chemicals. it gives this pleasant scent when you use it to clean.

Steam Cleaners:

Another alternative on our list to traditional floor cleaners is a steam cleaner. with high temperature steam being deployed, your floor will be free from germs, bacteria and dirty alike without need for any chemical products. so you can go for Steam mops and there are plenty of brands out there like Shark, Bissell, and McCulloch.

Here are some tips for using a third-party cleaning solution with your Tineco vacuum:

  • Start with a small amount of solution and test it in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Do not overfill the water tank.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to mop the floor.
  • Rinse the mop head frequently to prevent streaks.
  • Dry the floor completely after cleaning.

more to consider are:

Baking Soda And Vinegar Blend: Another Alternative?

Baking soda and vinegar blend is another option that you might consider a perfect alternative solution that provides options which might suit your need.

This process involves mixing some quantity of raw parts of vinegar with some baking soda. These combination will give you a cleaning solution which is very much effective as it can eliminate odor quickly.

You can use this simple solution to clean your toilets,shower floor, floor drain, toilet tiles, stainless steel basin and other surface around your home.

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent which has the power to quickly dissolves grease and oil in water. To get an excellent result just pour your baking soda on the surface of where you want to clean and spray your Vinegar over it and allow to sit for few minutes before you wash.

A Mixture Of Water And Vinegar?

Have you ever thought about mixing water and vinegar as an alternative for the Tineco solution? Now that you’ve got the knowledge, don’t you think it’ll be a great idea to try it out?

Lemon Juice And Salt?

Is Vinegar out of your reach and you are seeking to preserve a cleaning solution?

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled another recipe which can be easily prepared if need be.

Lemon and salt when combine together are known to produce a new chemical reaction which ends leaving you with carbonic acid and sodium acetic. With this mixture you could use it to remove stains and even rust.

Get your lemons /lemon juice and grab the salt can in the kitchen and mix them up to the desired quantity. Though this mixture might not work effectively as the other cleaning solutions however, it is quite a nice combo to clean your home.

The Fabulous Floor cleaner? Another Alternative you should consider

The fabulous floor cleaner can be a nice buy for you if you deem it necessary. It can serve as a great alternative for the Tineco but might not match the effectiveness of Tineco.

You can get them on your favorite shopping outlets online at budget friendly prices or you can look them up at stores around you.

Are Tineco Products Worth My Money?

Yes they do! Tineco floor cleaning solutions are actually worth the hype and your money. It ranges from their brand image and the quality of their products so yes, they are actually worth your money.

Is Tineco Cleaning solution safe?

Absolutely, they are completely safe for use in your homes for cleaning and scrubbing walls and floors. Most customer reviews have been positively channeled towards the Tineco cleaning solution, praising it as one top solution which is is highly recommend and safe for cleaning.

Following the fact that Tineco actually recommends its own solution for cleaning other than it alternatives, it actually stands out in the market.

Furthermore, it is totally safe to use at home as it stands zero threat to your pets or kids. For total efficacy, it is recommended for you to use the Tineco floor cleaner and the cleaning solution.Tineco Floor Cleaner

Can You Use Other Cleaning Solution In The Tineco?

Actually, you can’t! You are not expected to use another cleaning solution on your Tineco vacuum cleaner.

Tineco cleaning vacuum has been designed to function properly and effectively with Tineco cleaning solutions as regards to the fact that the machine was designed to optimize the amount of bubbles that are produced with the cleaning solutions.

Making use of other solutions on your Tineco could cause an abundance of bubbles and that could easily fill up the dirty water,can attached to the vacuum which won’t be good for it. It is quite advisable to go for Tineco cleaning products for effective cleaning.

Where Can You Put Tineco On Your Carpets /Rugs?

Yes you can. You can actually use your Tineco cleaning products on your house rugs and carpets but be rest assured that it won’t be quite effective as using it on a hard floor. So yes, you can actually use the Tineco cleaning solution on your rugs /carpets.

Can I Use Essential Oil In My Tineco?

Certain persons have come up with the idea of using essential oils as a form of chemical for cleaning with their vacuum and in relation to this, several questions has equally popped up regarding essential oil and vacuum cleaner.

Basically, Tineco don’t recommend users of its products to mix it’s cleaning solution with essential oil as it won’t turn out fine. However, there are ways you can use the essential oil in your cleaner.

You can pour drops of essential oil in your cleaner and turn on the cleaner for some minutes while the essential oil does it job. Lastly, Tineco don’t advise users of its products to use any other form of cleaning solutions in their vacuum.

Can I Use Bona Solution In Tineco

No you can’t use Bona solution in Tineco cleaner. Tineco don’t advice users of its vacuum cleaner to use the Bona solution in that vacuum. The main reason behind this is that it may cause excessive foaming which would probably make the dirty water pouch get filled quickly.

On the other hand, people who claim to have tried Bona solution in Tineco claimed to have enjoyed its effectiveness as well as it textures.

Can You Put Bleach In Tineco?

Yes you can. Bleach is a great alternative for the Tineco cleaning solution as it can effectively do the work of the Tineco cleaning solution. Since you wouldn’t want to stress yourself by cleaning /scrubbing the bathroom /kitchen tiles.

You might consider bleach as a perfect alternative for you. Furthermore, before using bleach in Tineco, you should know that the area must be quite ventilated so as to allow the strong scent of bleach ooze out after use.

Can I Use Murphy Oil Soap In My Tineco?

Notwithstanding the fact that bleach can be used in Tineco doesn’t mean that you can use the Murphy oil soap in it. The Murphy oil soap is a cleaning solution that contains lots of oil during its production and it is not recommended for Tineco vacuums.

Furthermore, the main reason why the Murphy oil soap isn’t considered good option is the fact that they can create foam easily which isn’t a great thing for Tineco vacuum cleaner, leaving users with the Tineco cleaning solution as the perfect option for them.

Can You Make Your Own Tineco Solution?

Yes you can. You can actually make something similar to Tineco solution for yourself for use at home. Though, it might not be close to the Tineco cleaning solution but it can be quite effective. Below are ingredients which can be used in making a cleaning solution for yourself.

  • 5 cups of water.
  • A small quantity of baking soda for efficacy
  • 3 ounces of white vinegar
  • 4 drops of essential oil

Now you can utilize these ingredients by mixing them and shaking them for total mix-up. This can be your own version of Tineco solution.

Why Does My Tineco Stink When I Use It?

Now here’s a nice question. You might be wondering why your Tineco stink when in use and you are probably worried about it.

The smell from your Tineco is caused by the motor, the motor brush of the cleaner itself. It is obvious that the brush roller has accumulated lots of dirts due to past use and it is probably causing it to smell bad.

What To Do?

Dislodge any form of debris around the brush ruler and wash /dry it before installing it.

How Do You Make A Tineco Not Stink?

Very easy! You can do that by taking certain measures into consideration. Below are measures to take in order to avoid making your Tineco not stink.

  • Always remove any form of debris /dirt attached to the brush roller after frequent use.
  • Always take out the brush roller and wash /sundry it frequently.
  • Dry clean the brush roller after use and avoid leaving it wet.

Can You Use Pine Sol In Tineco?

Yes you can. You can use pine Sol in Tineco but it is not recommended to use it due to the fact that pine sol generates lots of foam.

Be rest assured that pine sol is capable of killing bacteria that could make you sick; more also stubborn stains, grime are easily removed. Additionally pine sole can be used as sanitizer

Can Tineco Be Used On Hardwood floors?

Yes they can. Tineco cleaning products are designed to suit a wide range of surfaces which includes hardwood floors, linoleum, tile, vinyl and marble. Their products can be used for a wide range of cleaning activities.

Final Words

Tineco cleaning products are undoubtedly, one of the best in the market and lots of individuals don’t think twice before purchasing them.

While you may be using the Tineco vacuum effectively, be sure to avoid complicating things by using other cleaning solutions that are not suitable for the vacuum cleaner.

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