Flock Vs Foam For Cabinets: Which One Is Best For Your Cabinets Painting Project

What is the best paint roller for cabinet between Whizz flock and Whizz foam? What is the difference between WHIZZFLOCK and whizz foam for cabinets? Is flock or foam good for painting? Should I use a foam roller for cabinets? Is brush or roller better for cabinets?

These are some of the questions frequently asked by people looking for the best paint rollers for their cabinet and other parts of their home.

Don’t look elsewhere for answers because this page contains everything you should know about the WHIZZFLOCK and WHIZZFOAM paint rollers, including their, similarities, features, and prices.

We will also answer other frequently asked questions about paint, paint rollers and brush. We have enough for the introduction, let dive into action.


What is Whizz?

Whizz is an American company that manufacture paint rollers, and distribute them to other parts of the world. The Florida-based firm is famous for its excellent flock and foam products.

Flock Vs Foam For Cabinets

Unfortunately, many people can’t choose between the two products because they don’t know the difference between them. Hence, lets briefly discuss the similarities and difference between Flock and foam rollers for cabinet.

WhizzFlock VS Foam For Cabinet: A Comparison Table

Below is a quick comparison table showing some important features of the two rollers and their differences:

Features Whizz Flock Whizz Foam
Material Flock Condensed Foam
Features Lint-free/ ultra-glossy finish None
Coating Enamels, Varnish, etc. Shellacs, Lacquers. Etc.
Surfaces Ultra-smooth Smooth
Usage Various Surfaces Only cabinets and doors
Size & Shape 4 inch/ Jumbo 4 Inch/ Mini
Price Around $7.98 Around $6.28

However, we opine that the information in the table above isn’t enough to help you know which one is best for your cabinet painting project. So, let’s compare both products based on some factors and their features.

Whizzflock vs foam for cabinet: In-depthComparison


Material is one of the most crucial factors to consider while shopping for paint rollers for cabinets. Hence, we must use it as a distinguishing factor between flock and foam paint rollers.

Though both have the same core rolling materials and soft plastic handles for comfort and better handling, there are slight differences in designs and physical appearance.

Flock roller consists of material obtained from fabrics, which features a flock-topping layer. Foam paint roller, on the other hand, is manufactured from condensed foam.


You can easily know which roller is suitable for your project if you pay close attention to features and attributes.

Talking of features, the Whizz flock paint roller guarantees an ultra-glossy and spray-like finish on your cabinet’s surface.

It is highly recommended for people who have lots of corners to paint. Whizz flock roller has a bulky size, meaning it can cover a wide space within a short time. Meanwhile, it will interest you to know that the whizz flock roller is lint-free.

Unlike the flock rollers, Whizz Foam is not lint-free and doesn’t have a bulky size. However, that doesn’t take anything away from its ability to produce a fine finish and attractive surface.


You should choose a Whizzflock roller if you are dealing with urethanes, enamels, or varnish coating.

Whiz foam paint rollers are preferred options if your painting project involves lacquers or shellacs coating.

Meanwhile, both rollers are compatible with all types of paint coatings. You can use any roller for waterproof and stain coatings. Ensure you consider the coating and paint type before choosing between the rollers.


Like coating, the surface is another thing to consider before choosing a paint roller for your cabinet.

You must know the surface a paint roller is compatible with because not all rollers work well on every surface.

The Whizz Flock paint roller is suitable for ultra-smooth surfaces, while the Whizz foam performs best on smooth surfaces.

What if you use whizz flock on ordinary smooth surfaces? You might get a good painting result, but it will take more time and energy.

It’s also possible you don’t get the desired result because you deploy the paint roller on an incompatible surface.


Whether smooth or ultra-smooth surfaces, Whizz flock and whizz foam paint rollers are primarily designed for cabinets.

However, they are also compatible with other parts of the building. The whizz flock is a multi-purpose roller which you can use on wooden furniture, doors, shelves, and metal. Foam paint rollers, on the other hand, are only recommended for doors aside from cabinets.

Size & Shape:

There are no obvious differences in their sizes as they are 4 inches long.On the contrary, there is a massive difference in their shapes.

Whizz flock features a 1.25-inches core diameter. This explains why most people often call it a “jumbo-sized paint roller”

As for Whizz foam, it doesn’t have a big-size shape. It features just about 0.56 inches of core diameter.

Most people fall in love with the Flock paint rollers due to their massive shape, believing it will cover more surfaces than the foam roller.


Price is a huge factor that would help you determine whether to go for a flock or foam paint roller.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get any of the paint rollers because they are relatively cheap and affordable.

The cost of a single-piece Whizz foam paint roller with a soft plastic handle is about $6.28, while a single-piece Whizz flock paint roller with a handle costs $8.

Expectedly, the flock is more expensive than the foam paint roller due to its larger size and versatility.Flock Vs Foam For Cabinets

Whizz Flock Vs Foam For Cabinet: Frequently Asked Questions

Which Paint Roller Is Suitable For Your Project?

We believe you should know the best option for your project having read the features and comparisons above. Whizz foam is the best option for people with a tiny budget as it is cheaper than the flock paint roller.

However, purchase a Whizz flock paint roller if you are financially buoyant to shoulder the cost implications.

Flock whizz won’t only make your work faster but also guarantees an attractive outlook. You can be sure your cabinet will enjoy a glossy, lint-free, and spray-like texture.

While whizz foam works only on doors and cabinets, the pricey whizzflock is compatible with cabinets, doors, shelves, metals, and wooden furniture.

Why Choose Whizz paint rollers for your Cabinets?

There are many paint rollers manufacturers in the market, but only a few guarantee top quality as the Whizz company.

Whether it’s flock or foam, you can be sure that the whizz products will last long due to their durable material and overall quality.

Should I use a foam roller for cabinets?

Yes. A foam roller is good for cabinets because it ensures smooth and attractive finishes.

With its sponge-like texture, you can be sure the paint and other types of coating will be evenly applied to the surface.

Apart from the impressive finishing, foam rollers ensure a seamless painting experience as you can easily navigate from one portion to another. Just roll it!

Does a brush or roller give a smoother finish?

The three main painting tools include a sprayer, roller, or brush.

Rollers are good for large and flat areas like ceilings and walls. They guarantee smooth finishes if handled properly.

Brushes give a smoother finish than rollers, and they ensure you are in control of the painting exercise. They are the best option for small-scale projects or small surfaces.

Sprayers guarantee the smoothest finishes if you know how to use them. They are suitable for the whole room, walls, and ceilings.

To the question, a paintbrush gives a smoother finish than rollers if you know how to use it for a great result.

Is brush or roller better for cabinets?

A roller is better for cabinet painting than a brush. Brush takes more time than roller and energy.

In the same vein, you might end up having some brush marks on the surface if you aren’t an expert or professional painter.

Unlike brushes, rollers are fast and stress-free. However, you must know how to use rollers to avoid errors.

Does a roller waste more paint than a brush?

A roller doesn’t waste more paint than a brush. On the contrary, a roller saves paint because it guarantees faster and even distribution.

What do professional painters use for cabinets?

Most professional painters prefer sprayers to other methods because it offers the smoothest finish.

However, some professional painters use rollers and brushes depending on their client’s budgets and surfaces. In terms of paints, most professionals believe water-based latex paints are best for cabinets.

How do you get the best paint results with a roller?

The best way to get an attractive paint result with a roller includes observing all the painting stages and the right application strategies. Meanwhile, below is a brief step-by-step guideline to paint with a roller:

  • Begin with taping: Use quality painter’s tape to prevent paints from touching unwanted areas
  • Prepare the paint by stirring vigorously
  • Paint the edges using a paintbrush. The edges paint should be 3 or 4 inches wide
  • Dip the roller in the paint and ensure it is completely coated before bringing it out of the bucket to avoid splash.
  • Start painting the surface
  • Ensure you have an even final coat
  • Carefully remove the tape when the paint has completely dried up.
  • Clean the roller and other equipment. Click here for the detailed article on how to paint your cabinet with a roller.


As much as the equipment you use plays a huge role in cabinet painting, you must have good painting skills to produce the desired outcome. Whether it’s whizz flock, whizz foam, sprayer, or brush, know what’s best for you and go for it.





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