About us

Plumberous is an informational and educative blog dedicated to helping our esteemed readers to better understand every aspect of  plumbing system in our home , different aspect of tools and home products in a well simplified and detailed way.

It’s necessary you know every details of your plumbing system as this will keep you away from the dark when ever you call on your plumber to fix a problem

Over the last 20 years of my plumbing career with expertise in various fields and also as a certified plumber , I have witnessed and also noticed homeowners who often get confused as they struggle to grasping all that information out there. And this is really not good as It often makes their decision-making a little tough!

With plumberous.com you will be well informed because we will do all our best so that you are better positioned to understand various aspects of plumbing system so that when next you call your plumber you will not only be confident in all aspects but also better communicate your ideas and how you want projects done.