Bassett Furniture Vs Ashley Furniture: 8 Questions Answered

You must have heard Ashley and Bassett furniture as they are currently the best brands in the industry. However, choosing one of the brands for your project might be difficult because their products are of almost the same features, performance and quality.

Luckily, there are slight differences in the brands’ products, and we shall be revealing them in this article. We will also discuss their features, similarities and other details that will help you know and choose the right brand for your home.

We’ve had so much for the introduction; let’s get into the business right away.


Bassett Vs Ashley Furniture: A table comparison

Below is a table containing brief information about both brands:

Aspects Bassett Furniture Ashley Furniture
Brand Value Superior Pretty Good
Available Furniture All Kinds of Furniture All Kinds of Furniture
Furniture Quality Excellent Quality Pretty Good Quality
Top Picks Sofas, Coffee Tables, Bedroom Sets, Chairs, and Dining Tables Sofas, Signature Design Furniture, Bedroom Sets, Recliners, and Mattresses
Customer Satisfaction Superior Customer Satisfaction Inferior to Bassett
Warranty 1-Year Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty
Price Ranges from $79 to $12,160 Ranges from $51 to $4280.

The table is a hint to what to expect from this content, so let’s discuss both brands in a full and more comprehensive version.

Bassett Furniture Vs Ashley Furniture: In-Depth Comparison

  • Available Designs and Options

As stated earlier, both brands offer different furniture. Visit any of the brands if you are interested in furniture for your bedroom, dining, or living room.

Meanwhile, apart from the indoor furniture, Bassett also sells rugs, décor, and personalized outdoor furniture.

Ashley Furniture has higher range of furniture and materials. Apart from the traditional indoor furniture, it offers baby & toddler furniture, rugs, lighting, décor materials, etc.Bassett Furniture Vs Ashley Furniture

Without undermining Bassett’s ability to deliver wide range materials and designs, it won’t be out of place to admit that the Ashley Furniture is the best place to visit if you want multiple designs and materials for your home.

  • Brand Value

Bassett Furniture is one of the most famous brands in the world having been in the market for many decades.

It offers varieties of options to customer, including contemporary, rustic, and traditional style furniture.

Apart from furniture, Bassett offers everything you need to decorate your home and make it a catchy and attractive palace.

Bassett furniture has pretty affordable products, meaning you don’t have to empty your wallet or get a loan to patronize them.

With over 100 retail stores, you are guaranteed easy accessibility. All you need to do is to locate the nearest store and purchase your desired furniture.

You can never go wrong with Bassett furniture in terms of quality because their products are made with the durable materials. Bassett offers value for customer’s hard-earned money.

Like Bassett, Ashley Furniture is also a popular brand in the United States and other parts of the world. Don’t look elsewhere if you are interested in a brand that offers discount for every product you purchase.

It equally offers various furniture designs and styles compatible with your room’s interior and exterior designs. It delivers moderately-priced and high-quality products and highly responsive customer care .

Ashley Furniture boasts numerous retail stores which makes it easy to get their furniture. Unlike Bassett, it has an impressive online visibility which means you can reach the brand via its official websites.


Ashley and Bassett brands offer a warranty that varies from one product or part to another.

Bassett places a 1-year warranty on furniture made from solid wood, while it offers a limited lifetime warranty for domestic seat cushions and a seven-year warranty for upholstery.

On the contrary, the Ashley furniture brand offers a 1-year limited warranty on all products, including seat cushions. The upholstery features a limited lifetime warranty.

Considering the details above, Bassett Furniture offers better warranty terms than Ashley.

  • Furniture Quality

Quality is one major factor to consider while shopping for furniture that matches your room. Bassett comes first in this regard because its furniture consists of better high-quality materials.

Bassett deploys well-seasoned hardwoods for its products, ensuring superior quality and durability.

Apart from the quality materials, Bassett Furniture’s brand manufacturing stages are nothing short of brilliance. The brand spends quality time and effort perfecting its European-inspired manufacturing strategy to achieve a laudable result.

As for Ashley Furniture, the brand is known for its cheaper and more affordable furniture. Though the furniture is made from top materials like solid wood, they are inferior to Bassett’s products.

Notwithstanding, Ashley furniture remains one of the famous brands in the United States and China because most people believe in them.

People’s Favorite

As much as both brands ensure all their furniture is top quality, some are customers’ top picks. Not all products are people’s favorite.

Sofas & Sectionals, Coffee Tables, Beds & Bedroom Sets, Chairs, and Dining Tables are Bassett’s top picks based on customer’s demands. People love them for their attractive design and long-lasting materials.

Meanwhile, Signature Design Furniture, Bedroom Sets, Recliners, and Mattresses are Ashley Furniture famous products. People love them for their captivating styles and budget-friendly prices.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a significant role in promoting a brand’s reputation as it will convince and convert people into customers.

Product quality, after-sales service, and customer care service all make up a quality customer satisfaction.

Again, Bassett Furniture wins this aspect of the comparison, thanks to its impressive after-sales service, in-store experience, and seamless online shopping.Bassett Furniture Vs Ashley Furniture


We already mentioned that Ashley’s products are cheaper. Its pricing ranges from $51 to $4280 based on size and type.

As for Bassett Furniture, you need between $79 and $12,160 to purchase any of its products.

Which Furniture Brand Is Best For You?

Judging by the features, quality, and customer remarks, Bassett Furniture is the best option if you have enough money to spare.

However, you can happily choose Ashley furniture if you can’t afford Bassett’s pricey products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Bassett Furniture Last?

Bassett furniture can stay 10 to 15 years due to its durable materials and laudable manufacturing procedures.

However, it all depends on how you use and maintain your furniture. Don’t expect Bassett furniture to last long without proper care and maintenance.

Is Bassett Furniture solid wood?

Bassett Furniture lays much emphasis on the product’s lifespan. Most of its products are made with solid maple or oak wood which guarantees high durability.

Is Bassett Furniture Veneer?

Bassett Furniture isn’t veneered. It is made from solid wood like Pine, oak, maple, etc. That being said, we must tell you that Vaughan-Bassett furniture is different from Bassett Furniture.

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture uses wood veneer for its bed furniture not Bassett Furniture. Bassett Furniture deploys hard and durable wood for its products.

Is Bassett Furniture expensive?

Yes, Bassett Furniture is expensive when compared to Ashley furniture and other brands. As stated earlier, you need at least $79 to purchase any of the Bassett Furniture.

Is Bassett Furniture Made in China?

Bassett Furniture isn’t made in China. Every aspect of the production takes place in the United States. Similarly, the wood used for the furniture is grown and harvested in the country.

However, the company may purchase knobs or hinges from a reputable Chinese company.

What furniture is the highest quality?

There are many quality furniture brands in the world. However, Aspenhome, Bernhardt, Canadel, and Comfort Design are the world’s most reputable furniture brands. They are more known for their highest quality products.

What furniture is comparable to Bassett?

Bassett belongs in the same category as Wayfair, Ethan Allen, and Mohawk as it is one of the most reliable furniture brands in the United States.

How Many Locations Does Ashley Furniture Have?

Ashley Furniture has over 1,100 home stores in 66 countries. Hence, their products are readily available and accessible. Search “Ashley furniture near me” online to see the store closest to you.

Wrapping Up

Though the highly-rated Bassett Furniture is superior to Ashley, Ashley remains a force to reckon with when it comes to the US furniture industry.

In a nutshell, go for Bassett Furniture if you can shoulder the cost of beautifying your home with expensive furniture. Choose Ashley if you want low-budget furniture that will add more beauty to your home.


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