Can I use Fabuloso in my Bissell Crosswave

If you are wondering if you can use Fabuloso multiple purpose cleaning product in your Bissell Crosswave the answer is –

Absolutely Yes, you can use Fabuloso in your Bissell Crosswave and you have no worries as Fabuloso is optimized for use in Bissell Crosswave and is compatible in all round.

But how you make use of it and the amount or quantity of Fabuloso added should be taken into consideration so you don’t end up damaging or messing up with your Bissell Crosswave.Can I use Fabuloso in my Bissell Crosswave

We have provided you with some tips
to make sure that you use Fabuloso in your Bissell Crosswave properly so as to avoid messing up things:

  • The amount or quantity of Fabuloso you put in your Crosswave matters a lot. Just put in a small amount into the canister, it should just be half between the fill marks. From experience, this small quantity added will go a long way as you don’t necessarily need more than a few drop. To get the best results i usually make use of warm water as this does the cleaning job better
  • To prevent any excess suds from forming it is best you try as much as you can to dilute the water, make sure you stick according to the instructions on the bottle of your Fabuloso cleaner. Remember that excess suds are capable of causing problems in your crosswave.
  • Fabuloso is very powerful and can cause some kind of discolouration on some kind of material you use it on and you might not like this, so just avoid using it on any surface that you know is prone to staining like on carpet or upholstery
  • Finally you should remember that your warranty is voided when you make use of any other cleaning products not recommended by Bissell Crosswave but don’t worry about Fabuloso nothing will ever happen to your machine, just make sure you read the user manual and always stick to the instructions while using your Bissell Crosswave.

This will go a long way helping you get the best from your machine.


Can you use a different cleaning solution in a Bissell?

Although Bissell CrossWave has always recommended their own brand of cleaning solution but this does not mean that you can’t opt for other similar products that promise you similar benefits.

While sourcing for other cleaning solution for Bissell CrossWave just make sure the ones you get are designed to be use for hot or warm water extraction carpet cleaners.

Lastly, ensure to stick to every instruction not only on Bissell CrossWave manual but also all set of instructions on the cleaning solution, this will ensure that you do not go above the recommended quantity of cleaning solution, by so doing you will cause no harm on whatsoever you are cleaning.

What other cleaners can I use in my Bissell crosswave?

There are many different types or variety of cleaners you can use in your Bissell CrossWave. We have just put some options here for you to consider:

Bissell Multi-Surface Pet Floor Cleaning Formula: This formula is optimised for Bissell CrossWave and it tackles tough stains and easily removes pet stains, leaving your floor sparkling. Bissell Multi-Surface Pet Floor Cleaning Formula is very safe to use on laminate, tile, rugs and sealed hardwood.

Bissell Wood Floor Cleaning Formula: This formula won’t fail to restore your floor’s natural shine as it is originally meant to take out grime, durst and stuck-on dirt. The lemon-scented formula is safe and you can use it on sealed laminate and hardwood floors without having any issues at all.

Bissell Area Rug Formula: if you are searching for one of the safest formula that is engineered to work fine with CrossWave® machines and at the same time deal with tough stains on your rug then you won’t go wrong with Bissell Area Rug Formula because it is designed to tackle tough stains and have them removed from different types of rug fibers you can think of and also it is considered safe to use on area rugs.

Homemade cleaning solution: if you don’t want to actually make use of any of these products, then You can also make your own special home made cleaning solution which will still work with Bissell CrossWave.

All you have to do is to use a mild detergent and water. But before cleaning, you need to test it first on a small spot so as to see the outcome. This way you will be sure not to mess or cause any damage.

Bissell Crosswave

You must have heard of Bissell Crosswave, welll this is just a multi-surface cleaning device that is specifically designed to help you remove and clean dirty from your floor, carpets, rugs with ease.

With Bissell Crosswave you won’t be needing any other type of machine because Bissell Crosswave will help you deal with stains on your floor be it tiles, wood, linoleum and laminate floor you don’t have any problem.

How Bissell crosswave have two separate water tanks, one of this tank stores the dirty water that you have to get rid of after each cleaning.

Bissell Crosswave is equipped with a dual-action brush roll, with this dual-action brush roll the machine can effortlessly remove and lift up debris and & dirt from your rugs, carpets and floor surface.

To be able to work as planned, you need to apply a cleaning solution in your Bissell Crosswave and there are several types of cleaning solution you can get from the store closer to you.

Note : Fabuloso is a multi purpose great cleaning product that we recommended because of it antibacterial properties that helps you clean dirt and also helps kill of bacteria on your surface area.

Final Words

At the end of the day regardless of which cleaner you chose to make use of , just be sure to follow the instructions on Bissell CrossWave label and it is ideal you stick to cleaning solutions that are meant for Bissell CrossWave

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