Shark UV725 Vs. UV850 Vacuums: 11 Questions Answered

The best vacuum cleaners you can ever enjoy is actually determined by your needs, the environment you wish to use them in and how you intend on using them.

Basically, after determining your requirements, you are expected to opt for the best brand out there which is probably offering what you need in a vacuum cleaner.

When seeking to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you are expected to consider some certain factors which includes size, weight as well as usefulness.

Today, we are going to talk about one of the best brands manufacturing vacuum cleaners as well as give highlighted views on their products and services so stay tuned to this article.


Shark UV725 vs UV850

Now we’ve got the UV725 and the UV850 for a perfect comparison and we are going to highlight certain details about them.

The Shark UV725 is a vacuum that comes with different specification from the UV850. Though the UV850 was manufactured before the UV725,

there are slight similarities in their specifications which includes weight, cleaning rollers, size and their respective value for money. The individual specifications for these cleaning machines are going to be discussed below so let’s get on the comparison.

Shark UV725 vs UV850 : Cleaning Rollers

Basically, the importance of cleaning effectiveness on your vacuum cannot be overstated as it tends to be the most important factor in a vacuum cleaner.

Since the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner would always be of greater advantage due to the number of rollers attached to it, it would be a better idea to get a vacuum with a nice rollers.


The UV725 isn’t lacking on this aspect as its manufacturers branded the rollers with a dual roller which is mostly referred to as ‘’ Power-fins ‘’. The UV725 is laced with an additional roller which helps in picking up dirty particles which the main roller brush can’t.

UV850 :

The UV850 on the other hand doesn’t posses a dual roller but a single powerful roller. Now, you might not find this interesting however, you still have a wide range of choice to make with both vacuum cleaner.

Weight :UV725 vs UV850

There is an obvious difference in the weight capacity of the 2 vacuum. Though both vacuums might be of the same size in sight, though a difference in its weight.


The UV725 is quite heavier than the UV850 as it weighs close to 18lbs in weight. Now, this isn’t heavy as you might be slightly heavy for children as they might experience a slight difficulty in moving the UV725 around.


The UV850 on the other hand is a more weighted vacuum cleaner as it weighs over 20lbs which is way too high for a random vacuum cleaner. You’ll probably have trouble moving the cleaner and so it is obvious that you’ve got the perfect choice to make. The UV850 is slightly heavier than the UV725 with just 20lbs.

Size : UV725 vs UV850

Are you someone who is occasionally bothered about the size of your gadgets? Do you feel you might want to save space in your home?


The size of the UV725 is quite okay as it is measured in 33 inches which can perfectly fit into a medium size cupboard or behind your sofa.


The UV850 on the other hand is quite bigger in size than the UV725. Shark ninja, it manufacturers added 13 inches to the UV850 during its production, summing it up to a total measurement of 46 inches. Now this might turn out difficult to store but the corner of your living room will be a perfect place for this.

Value For Money : UV725 vs UV850

The cost of a particular product is supposed to reflect on the amount of value /service it renders to it user. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you should be on the lookout for the price as it matters most. The UV725 is quite an affordable machine compared to the UV850.


The UV725 can be priced at $114.99 –$ 116.99 on your favorite e-commerce store and this is considered affordable for an exceptional vacuum cleaner.


The UV850 on the other hand is quite expensive than the UV725 as highlighted Earlier as you can purchase the UV850 cleaner for $164.99-177.68 dollars. Though the price might not be budget friendly but it is actually worth it.


Does Shark UV850 Have A Filter?

Yes it does. The UV850 actually comes with a HEPA filter which assists the vacuum cleaner in separating and filtering dirt.

A HEPA filter is a high efficiency absorbing filter that is usually attached to certain electronic devices. The HEPA filter is able to capture dust and certain micro viruses and the producers are not lacking by including the HEPA Filter in the UV850.

Does The UV725 Have A HEPA Filter?

Yes it does. The UV725 also comes with a HEPA filter just like the shark UV850.

Can You Clean Shark HEPA Filter With Water?

Yes you can. The Shark HEPA filter can actually be cleaned with water frequently to remove dirt from the filter. Ensure that the water dry before you insert it back into thr unit.

All you’ve got to do is to clean the filters and rinse them with cold water as it is not advisable to use soaps or any form of cleaning agent that might cause damage to the filters.

How Can I Clean A Shark Vacuum Filters?

If you are seeking a perfect way to clean your vacuum cleaner, you might want to try out the guidelines pointed out in this article. Basically, you are expected to service /clean your vaccum cleaner frequently so as to make it more effective and durable as well as reduce any form of odor which might emit from the machine.

Steps To Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Make sure its not turned on /working.
  • Take out every form of dirt in the canister.
  • Clean the filter and rinse it effectively and allow it dry for a day.
  • Re – assemble your vacuum cleaner.

How Often Should HEPA Filter Be Replaced?

Not so often as you might think or imagine. The HEPA filter should be changed at least 2 years from the initial use. If the vacuum cleaner is being used in commercial places such as business houses, hotels or schools, you should consider changing the HEPA filter every 6 months. Furthermore, if you notice any form of bad smell, that’s also a sign of change.

Is There A Recall On Shark Vacuums?

Yes there is. Shark Vacuums have actually recalled series of Vacuums in the past years. In 2015,shark vacuum actually recalled 4 vacuum cleaners due to fear /risk of electric shock.

Suspicion regarding malfunctions in the shark ninja models : NV650W, NV651,NV652 and NV660.

The company in charge of the production of these listed products urged the customers to stop its usage and contact the customer service for a refund.

How Many Years Does A Shark Vacuum last ?

The Shark Ninja brand is a popular brand known for producing high quality products. If you are purchasing a vacuum from them, then you shouldn’t bother about durability because you are covered for the next 6-7 years, only if the vacuum us handled with adequate care and maintained properly.

What Is The Difference Between The Shark Vacuum Models?

The Shark Vacuum does well by manufacturing a broad series of shark vacuum cleaners and they don’t just manufacture them serially, they equally manufacture them in several variants.

The difference in the shark vacuum features its sizes, its prices, and well as its features. While some come with double roller brushes, others are cordless models.

Which Model Of Shark Is The Best?

Undoubtedly, there are lots of shark vacuum models out there in the market and you might not want to get confused in picking the perfect vacuum for yourself.

However, there is one exceptional vacuum cleaner which tends to be the best which is the ‘’Shark Apex Duo – Clean ‘’. The Shark Apex Duo Clean vacuum is credited with accurate performance upon several tests.

What Is The Difference Between N3801UK and NZ801UKT?

Basically, the N3801UK and the N3801UKT comes along with the same specifications as well as size. However, the only difference between is the pet fork which comes with the NZ801UKT but not with the N3801UKT. If you are confused about the both, you can just purchase the N3801UKT after which you can now go for the pet fork.

What Is The Difference Between Shark Cordless Vacuums?

No difference actually. Both the cordless and corded vacuum cleaner have the same working capacity as well as lasting hours so there is no much difference attached to them. Regardless, it still depends on preference.


If you are confused about purchasing a perfect vacuum cleaner for your home and you feel you might make a mistake when seeking to purchase one, this article should be a great guide for you.

The UV725 and the UV850 are both good and recommendable machines for your home but the choice basically falls into your hands.


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