5 Mini-Split Brands To Avoid 2024

Mini-splits are very popular right now and it seems everyone is going for a mini split.

It is because of one thing, which is; they are energy-efficient and very easy to install, like you can install a Mini-splits your self without necessary calling an expert to help you out.

Buying a mini split the first time? It is necessary you take out time to conduct thorough research about the brand you are going for and also you should not fail to consider other factors that has to do with the size of your living space, your needs (heating and cooling) and lastly your budget also count.

As you interested in buying a mini split for the first time; Don’t worry with this article we will make sure that you don’t end up purchasing an unreliable product because there are actually worst Mini-Split out there that you should avoid at all cost.

Please remember that the performance of any mini-split heating and cooling system irrespective of the brand, depends on several factors.
These factors are the quality of installation, maintenance the mini split receives, suitability of the system for the specific application.

To get the best product that fits your needs, it is necessary to compare various brands or different models. Does that means you might need to buy and test various products out there? Hell no, we are here to help with the specific brands that you must avoid and also brands that you should buy.

The brands we will be talking about are:



1 Midea

Midea is a typical Chinese brand type of AC but surprisingly this cooling system has gained a reputation and also curve a market share for it self, this is not surprising because the products are not pricey.

They are known to produce a variety of electronic products that are sold all over the world but today we are more concerned about the mini split.

Across the world mostly in Asia, Midea mini-split is now becoming popular owing to it price tag which is considered one of the most cheapest AC .

Although there are some interesting features it boast of such as low voice, low energy consumption, nice design you can’t resist and also a fantastic remote control light. But no matter all this interesting feature, Midea might not really be the best solution for the temperature that you need.

After a few years, we found out that a lot of customers are complaining about their mini splits which tend to have low levels of refrigerant and often time there is a leak which according to them takes forever to figure out where the leak is coming from unless they are lucky to get an experienced professional.

There is also the problem of frozen evaporating coil that customers have to deal with. Other problems associated with Midea mini split is capacitor coils and also the problem with the fan and thermostat.

2. LG

LG is regarded as one of the world’s leading technology and brands and yes this is truth and no doubt about that. But when it comes to mini split cooling and heating system we have seen various complaints from users around the world.

They often complain of worst customer support, mini splits stop cooling, unavailability of parts, product won’t work as expected or won’t turn on at some point, products turn off by it’s self , display error codes , low speed etc

We believe LG are listening to customer’s complaints and they will come up with better model soon to address this issue.
But truth be told we have seen users who at one point had their coil changed within just few years and all this cost extra money.

This and many more complaints has made LG’s mid-range mini splits often not considered the first choice but sadly users and customers are now embracing Japanese brands because of their ruggedness and their efficiency.


Although majority of users have shown dissatisfaction after buying the product, still yet the American brand keeps on operating in over 70 countries.

Some of the problem we have noticed most people complain about is the issue of circuit board, fan/motor while at the same time there are still complaints about a loud noise. There is still issues about rising electricity cost to keep this machine running. What this means is that it is not an energy efficient product if you doubt you can check the SEER rating and compare it with other brands.

This problem are compounded by poor after-sales service and there is nothing that beats getting needed help from customer service no matter how little it might be.

4. Mr. COOL

Mr. Cool is not actually a distributor. They are only interested in getting cheap products that will be easy to assembled without the help of professionals usually from various sources or manufacturer and this often compromise product quality.

Mr. Cool has been accused of having a poor or zero customer service support system.
Most people consider Mr. Cool an unknown brand but the price point makes mr cool quite attractive.

We know a lot of customers have a great experience with this product and we have seen positive reviews, yet most often complained that they were disappointed at the end because their mini split only work for 6 months and it developed fault.
Some are complaining about unavailable of parts

There are other complaints we have seen about the products. Most often reported the air conditioning systems often freeze and leak as it age.


Carrier offers a wide range of mini-split low budget air conditioner system that fit your everyday needs. this is why most people go for the product.

But what they actually don’t know is that Carrier mini-split is known to seems to have short lifespan and there is every chances that you need to buy more parts to keep the system functioning and all this increases cost. But we believe that with time there will be improvement with newer models.

We seen many customers who complained of leaking coil. Most said that they experienced this leaking coil after 2 or 3 years of usage and dealing with this issue often keep maintenance cost rising all through usage and this means extra dollars to fix frequent issues that might arise

Final Thought

A mini-split is a special type of air conditioning system; they are actually heating and cooling system that helps you easily control the temperature of your living space by it cooling and heating capability.

The mini split is usually made up of an outdoor unit that you have to installed outside your building and the indoor unit which is meant to be installed inside the building.

With all this mini split, can efficiently cool or heat up a room or even more than one room, it does all this with little energy

With many brands out there in the market, getting the perfect mini split that helps you cool or heat up your room and won’t break down easily becomes a problem. Am sure you wouldn’t like to buy the wrong product?

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