Can I flush soup down the toilet

Most people flush their spoilt soup down the toilet on the excuse that they don’t have a garbage disposal while that is understandable, because we wouldn’t want our kitchen to smell bad at the end of the day.

Pouring your soup down the toilet will slowly cause a backup that might be difficult to deal with. Your waste pipe aren’t rugged enough to handle such waste.Can I flush soup down the toilet

Soup are not just liquid they contain other food particle that won’t just dissolve in water. Most of our soup are cooked with excess oil and oil aren’t good for your toilet pipe.



what happens when you pour soup down the drain?

First, We wouldn’t encourage anyone to flush their soup down the toilet because of various reasons, you might ask why? Here are a few reasons why:


you risk clogging your toilet when you flush down soup into your toilet. we all know that most soup are made up of pieces of vegetables, fat and oil, and sometimes our soups are made up of solid ingredients.

All this could build up with time and slowly clog your sewage pipes most especially When there is a clog there won’t be free flow of water, resolving this problem will lead to costly plumbing repairs.

Environmental impact:

flushing down soup into your toilet could come in contact with non-biodegradable materials along the way, capable of forming fatbergs, this could affect your entire District and cause problem not only to your self but to the entire neighbourhood.

Health concerns:

It is really not hygienic to flush soup down the toilet, they should be disposed properly in into the garbage disposal and not the toilet because the toilet are not meant; This is because when they clogged the toilet your living space or everywhere might be messed when sewage eventually snow back into your living space.

How do you throw away soup?

Here are some safe tips that will guide you whenever you want to dispose off your soup

Anytime you want to dispose off your soup, you can consider doing any of the following :

Allow the soup to cool:

Is the soup hot? If yes it should be allowed to cool down as this will allow you to safely dispose it without incidentally hurting or burning your self.

Transfer the soup to a disposable container:

you can pour the soup into a plastic bag or if you have any other type of disposable container you can as well Pour the soup into it. The soup being in the disposable container will allow for easy disposal such as taking it to the trash.

Close the container securely:

if the container is not secured tightly, offensive odour will escape and you wouldn’t want this mess to pollute the air. For this reason you should just tie it shut or secure the container where the soup is with a lid .

Dispose the container properly:

Now that you have secured the container, you should Take it to a garbage bin or trash-can and dump it inside.

Wash the container:

Depending on the type of container you are making use of, its ideal you properly wash your container. If it is a reusable container you have, this should be done with hot water and soup

How to throw away oily soup:

It is better you dispose your oily soup than pouring it into your toilet. To get rid of that oily soup, just pour the soup in a non-recyclable container before disposing it.

Can you pour Tomato soup down the sink:

Throwing your tomato soup down your sink or toilet is not recommended no advisable .

You might ask why can’t i throw my tomato soup into the my toilet?

This is because tomato soup can clog your pipes and in the end cause plumbing issues for you . Hence we advise you throw your left over tomato soup into your trash.
If the tomato soup is not spoilt please you can warm it and get it freezed up in a safe container then give it out to your friends or neighbours who might need the soup.

Does soup clog drains?

Yes soup can clog your drain most especially when you are dealing with soup that contain oil and fat, because all this could get congeal and with time harden in your drains which you wouldn’t like

Does soup dissolve in water?

Soup is not just made of water alone but it is a combination of different kinds of solid such as your meat, vegetables, grains, fat and oil which we consider liquid but it does more harm to your toilet pipe as they get to combine with other solid which are made off buildup of grease and fats in the pipes causing fatbergs because the oil and fat in your soup will make everything a suspension .

And you might ask ;

Does oil dissolve in water?

Please be aware that oil will never dissolve in water they aren’t meant to dissolve that is just oil for you

Note that all solid in your soup won’t dissolve rather they can combine with other liquid such as oil and grease, forming one hell of a clog which will cost you money to fix.

Here are list of food that will never dissolve in water hence you should be mindful when throwing them into your sink or toilet:

  • whole-wheat flour.
  • coffee
  • wheat bran.
  • nuts.
  • beans.
  • cauliflower.
  • green beans.
  • potatoes.


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