4 Reasons Why Plumbers Hate SharkBite: Is It Reliable?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to connect pipes includes using the SharkBite fittings.

Surprisingly, most plumbers don’t like it. They prefer other materials to SharkBite due to reasons discussed in this article.

So, kindly pay attention if you’ve ever wondered why many plumbers hate using Sharkbite for their plumbing work.SharkBite


Why Plumbers Hate SharkBite

Though some plumbers use the equipment, many people hate it due to some reasons below:

  • SharkBite Are Unreliable

There are concerns about its durability and reliability. SharkBite fittings are known for their short lifespan and inability to resist pressure for a long. They develop issues too often and become useless in no time.

This explains why many plumbers won’t spend their hard-earned money on a SharkBite fitting that won’t stand the test of time. Instead, they prefer a tool that guarantees impressive durability and longer lifespan.

  • They are not suitable for permanent fixes

Here is another reason why many plumbers often overlook the SharkBite fitting for their work. SharkBite can’t hold or join two or more pipes together over a long period.

It can’t connect pipes for more than four or five years without any leakage or related issues. Many plumbers always go for options, like soldering, that possess massive strength and will last long.

However, SharkBite is a go-to option if you need an urgent or temporary solution to a leaking pipe and other plumbing issues. You can use it for a quick fix before providing a long-lasting solution.

  • There Aren’t The Cheapest Options

As much as every plumber needs quality tools and great expertise to deliver a quality job, there’s no need for expensive tools when there are cheaper options with similar or better quality.

SharkBite fittings are expensive compared to other devices in the market. Hence, many plumbers don’t need expensive SharkBite fittings when they can get better dependable options at affordable prices.

According to many plumbers, other cheap options guarantee similar qualities, more profits, longer lifespans, and better output.

Likewise, working with more affordable tools means low charges and better service delivery, resulting in more clients in the long run.

  • SharkBite Fittings Sometimes Leak

This isn’t to devalue SharkBite fittings, but the truth is that they sometimes leak. They aren’t the fittings you can use for a long time without leakage or other issues.

Therefore, many plumbers hate using it to protect their reputation and value in the plumbing industry.

No plumber wants his clients to complain about leaking issues a few months after installation. So, they prefer other options to maintain their growing reputation.Why Do Plumbers Hate SharkBite and Is It Reliable?

Some Frequently Asked Questions About The SharkBite Fittings

  • Is SharkBites Reliable?

As stated earlier, there are concerns over the SharkBite fittings’ durability and reliability. Many plumbers complain about leakage and the fittings’ inability to stand the test of time.

It won’t be out of place to say that SharkBite fittings are not the most reliable fittings in the market, considering some unimpressive remarks from previous users.

  • What are the advantages of SharkBite over other push-fit fittings?

We’ve said so much about the negative part of the fittings; it will be unfair to ignore the impressive features that distinguish it from the rest.

Some of the features that give the fittings an edge over many products in the market include the following:

• Easy installation: This is one of the positive features of the SharkBite fittings. You can install it if you read and understand the user’s guide.

• It saves time: Working with SharkBite fittings saves time and energy since installation is simple and stress-free.

  • What is the life expectancy of a SharkBite fitting?

According to the manufacturer life expectancy of a SharkBite fitting is 25 years. However, the figure seems exaggerated as you will hardly see an active SharkBite fitting that stays that long without leaking.

Without taking anything away from the SharkBite’s quality, don’t be surprised if it develops one or more issues after five or six years of active usage.

  • Will SharkBite fittings leak over time?

Yes, SharkBite fittings will leak over time, especially if you don’t deburr the pipe before installation.

The SharkBite fittings might leak earlier than expected if you didn’t insert the pipe well during installation.

Meanwhile, be rest assured that the SharkBite fittings will stay for five years or more before leaking if you install them properly.

  • Do you clean pipes before SharkBite?

Yes, clean the pipes before inserting them into any SharkBite fittings to prevent issues like blockages and poor water supply to every part of the house.

Dirt, debris, and other impurities inside and around the pipe could block the pipes and reduce the water’s purity and edibility.

  • Do plumbers recommend SharkBite fittings?

There is a two-way answer to the question. Some plumbers recommend SharkBite fittings due to their easy and quick installation. They believe it will save time and energy.

However, many plumbers don’t recommend the SharkBite and other push-fit fittings because they aren’t reliable when it comes to enclosed or permanent plumbing systems.

As mentioned earlier, most plumbers go against using the SharkBite fittings for a project you won’t revisit in the nearest future.

  • Can you use a SharkBite twice?

SharkBite fittings are reusable. You can use a SharkBite twice or thrice before the O-ring becomes ineffective.

The O-ring is a significant part of the SharkBite fittings, which provides a waterproof seal. The fitting will start leaking water once the O-ring becomes weak and less effective.

  • What To Do If the SharkBite fittings Start Leaking

Some of the steps to take when your SharkBite fittings start leaking include:

• Ensuring that the pipes are firmly connected to the fitting: Disconnect the pipes and reconnect them accurately. Having done that, check if it stops leaking.

• Check the pipes for any damage: The pipes connected may be faulty. Hence, check every part of the pipes, including the end inserted into the fitting, to detect what’s wrong.

Meanwhile, you need an adjustable wrench to disconnect the pipes from the SharkBite fittings.

• Check the SharkBite fitting: A damaged fitting could lead to leaks or drips. This is why you should examine the fittings as soon as you observe irregularities with your plumbing service.

• Call a plumber: Contact a plumber if all your effort to solve the problem doesn’t produce the desired result.

Call an experienced expert who will examine your plumbing system, detect and solve the problem.


Some points above are based on some plumbers’ experience at the time of this publication.

It is possible the SharkBite company now produce better products by the time you are reading this article.

Hence, you should make recent market research to know if the quality has improved or not.

Meanwhile, let’s remind you that SharkBite fittings are suitable for small projects or plumbing systems you can easily inspect or check whenever something goes wrong.

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