How Long Do SharkBites Last?

SharkBite fittings have been in the industry for over 16 years and many plumbers have used it for their projects. However, there are contradictory remarks about the fittings. Some say they are simple and durable while others say they aren’t the best option for people working on a permanent project.Hox long do SharkBite last

We figured it might be a bit tough to know if the SharkBite fittings are best for you considering the uncorrelated opinions on the internet. Hence, we consulted some experienced plumbers for their thoughts on the fittings.

Luckily, they answered all our questions, and also they shared their first-hand experiences with us. Seat back and relax while we answer all the questions related to SharkBite fittings.


How Long Do SharkBites Last?

If the company’s warranty is anything to trust, it’s safe to say that SharkBite fittings will last for at least 25 years if you observe all the installation procedures and guidelines. The truth is that SharkBite fittings can’t stay for 25 years before failing.

The plumbing fittings might fail or corrode before 25 years, especially if they are exposed to moisture and other atmospheric conditions.

According to one of our experts, don’t be surprised if the SharkBite fittings develop one or more issues after five or six years of active usage.

This is one of the reasons why most plumbers warn against using the SharkBite fittings in a place you can’t easily access.

Can SharkBite Fittings Be Permanent?

As much as few plumbers use the fittings for permanent connections, it’s not an ideal move. SharkBite fittings aren’t suitable for permanent connections, outdoor, and inaccessible places.

SharkBite fittings feature an O-ring rubber that ensures watertight accuracy. Installing them outside the building will expose the rubber to the sun and other unfavourable conditions.

The sun will dry the rubber, leading to leakage and other related issues.

Apart from the atmospheric effects, the O-ring rubber will lose its shape and firmness at some point. Hence, don’t use them in a permanent position or inside walls where you can’t easily reach to repair them.

Avoid using Sharkbite fittings for waste lines, gas lines, or high-pressure water lines that will exert pressure on the O-ring rubber.

Meanwhile, the fittings work well with water heaters, under-sink connections, and some temporary plumbing work during a home remodeling.

Do SharkBite Fittings Fail?

Yes, SharkBite fittings fail. They aren’t the most reliable options in the market.

However, you can extend their lifespan by following all the installation instructions and guidelines. Ensure you use the SharkBite fittings for compatible pipes like PEX, copper, CPVC, and HDPE.

Clean the pipes before connection to prevent debris and dirt that could affect its efficiency. Get the accurate insertion depth using your deburr and gauge tools, and don’t over-tight the connection so you won’t affect the rubber seal.

How Long Will SharkBite Fittings Last On Copper?

SharkBite fittings will last long on copper pipes due to high compatibility. As stated earlier copper is one of the pipes that work well with the fittings, hence you shouldn’t expect unusual issues during and after installation.

Though SharkBite fittings on copper may not last for 25 years as predicted by the manufacturers, they will work effectively for more than six years if installed properly.

How Does SharkBite Work On Copper?

Let’s quickly say that SharkBite fittings are easy to install, thanks to their impressive easy-to-use feature. You don’t necessarily need a plumber to install the fittings if you read and understand the user’s guide.

Okay, back to the question, SharkBite fittings work on copper by pushing its teeth onto pipes before sealing a rubber gasket around the connection.

The rubber gasket and the teeth combine well to produce a watertight and strong connection between the two pipes.

Can you remove a SharkBite fitting and reuse it?

Yes, you can remove a SharkBite fitting and reuse it as long as the O-ring rubber remains in top shape.

This is one of SharkBite’s advantages over other fittings. You can reuse it if there’s nothing wrong with the rubber and other parts.

How many times can you reuse SharkBite fittings?

You can reuse SharkBite fittings twice or thrice, depending on their condition. Observe the fitting’s condition to know if it still going to deliver a great job after using it twice.

Do Professional plumbers use SharkBite?

Professional plumbers use SharkBite fittings for their projects due to some reasons, including simplicity. The fact they are reusable equally attracts many plumbers hoping to maximize their profits.

Why Plumbers Hate SharkBite Fittings

While some plumbers prefer SharkBite to other filings, many rate the push-to-connection equipment due to some factors below:

  • Reliability Issues

Many professional plumbers hate SharkBite fittings because they are not the most reliable options in the industry.

SharkBite can’t withstand water pressure for a long time and they easily develop faults. Hence, many plumbers often choose more reliable options that promise more quality and long-lasting performance.

  • Not Suitable For Their Permanent project

Many professional plumbers get offers to deliver a project that will remain for years without any fault.

Unfortunately, SharkBite fittings aren’t compatible with such projects. They are good for quick fixes and temporary projects.

This explains why some professional plumbers often overlook the SharkBite when considering the best fittings for their projects.

  • Price

Price is another reason why plumbers often ignore SharkBite Fittings because they are a bit more expensive than many other options.

Every professional wants to increase their profit propensity. So, it’s understandable some plumbers choose other inexpensive products that guarantee similar or better quality.

  • Leaking Fittings

You can’t guarantee a SharkBite fitting will stay for many years without issues because leaking or dripping is one of the greatest SharkBite shortcomings.

Many plumbers hate using the SharkBite fittings to prevent losing clients and damaging their reputation due to leakage.

Do Plumbers Recommend SharkBite Fittings?

According to the plumbing experts, SharkBite fittings aren’t the best option but they are far from the worst. They have their advantages and disadvantages like every other fitting.

Do they recommend it? Yes, but only if you want a quick solution or you are working on temporary plumbing systems. That’s because you can install them without consuming much time.

However, they advise you consider other options if your project involves installing fittings in the wall because you can’t repair them when they start leaking.

Will SharkBite fittings leak over time?

SharkBite fittings will inevitably leak at some point. However, how well you installed them will determine if it leaks sooner or later.

Read and implement all installation procedures and instructions to enhance its lifespan. Deburr the pipes, measure insertion depth accurately, and don’t over-tight the SharkBite teeth during the connection stage.


Now that you know what to expect from the SharkBite fittings, it’s left for you to decide if they are have you need to deliver an impressive plumbing service to your client.

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