Why Is My Bathroom Sink Filling Up With Water

A bathroom sink that is taking a lot of time to drain or not just draining very well as it should indicates a blockage somewhere, generally speaking a clogged drain is probably what you should be looking at and this is common to most homeowners.

Most often the culprit here are likely your trap that has been filled up with buildups; this is very common and it happens often.

Your bathroom sink might be filling up with water because of a clog in the drain which has completely block the free flow of water or rather building up gradually.

Soap scum, Hair, grease, food, toilet paper, can build up over a long period of time. To be honest here hair bound together with oil or soap scum seems to be very stubborn nasty stuff to deal with.


How to dissolve hair in drain:

The most common DIY is by Combining baking soda and vinegar which effectively but slowly dissolve stubborn hair particles found clogging your drain.

What you have to do is to empty just like a cup of baking soda right down your drain, then wait a few minutes before adding just a cup of vinegar.

Why is the water in my sink not going down & a fix?

When your bathroom sink is filling up with water Most likely the clog which is obstructing the free flow of water is beyond the sink and under-sink pipes.

To get everything resolved, Generally you should get a drain snake which will help clear everything and help keep your water flowing.

Another alternative you should be looking at is to get drain plunger, but do you have the right type of plunger? Ensure you do that by getting your self a standard cup-style drain plunger that is specifically designed to help clearing sink, shower and tub clogs in your drain.

What Is a Drain Plunger?

you might have asked what is a a Drain Plunger? Well, its a simple hand tool that is of great use to homeowners, it employ the use hydraulic pressure to dislodge clog creating way for a free flow of water.

How does a drain plunger works:

Just like we said, with the help of the forces of hydraulic pressure and compression, any clog obstructing the free flow of water is cleared away when the plunger is well positioned on the drain opening is pulled upwards and downward. Remember that you have to continue the up and down stroke so as to break up clogs or rather loosens it for it to be flushed down by the water easily.

Another area you should be looking at is to remove the pop-up stopper, because it could be easily filled with debris, hair and a lot of nasty stuff. For more details about this process please watch the video below

What does it mean when water comes up from the drain?

When you have Dirty smelly water with nasty smell coming back up right through your drain it calls for concern. sewage backup is a common issue among homeowners.

At times it could get worse to an extent where the water coming up from the drain is mixed with dirty, stinky sewage water.

Well, The most common culprit here that is common is just clogged drain. When your drain is clogged this point to one possible scenario which is a sewer problem that needs urgent attention or a quick fix.

What causes water to come back up the drain?

As weird as it may sounds to you, the water backing up in to your sink could actually be coming from places that you may not like, first it could be nasty water coming directly from your toilet,

the possible reasons to this is that when the toilet is flushed instead of the water to flow to the right direction, due to a clog it flows backwards through the lowest point of your pipes.

It Could be water coming from your bathtub or even washing machine as a result of a clog along the sewer line that prevent the free flow of water. Hence anytime you experience a clog be rest assured there is a clog somewhere obstructing the Free flow of water.

Note : When water happens to come back the drain just be rest assured that there is a clog somewhere in the plumbing vent.
This plumbing vent has the sole responsibility of allowing sewage air or gas easy access to escape via the roof.
At times this exit point might be blocked by debris such as pine needles, leaves, branches etc and when this occurs not only water but sewer gas is going find its way into your living space.Why Is My Bathroom Sink Filling Up With Water

How do I stop water from coming up the drain?

How do I stop water from coming up the drain? We have taken time to list a few things you can do without calling anyone or spending extra dollar to unclog so as to stop water from coming up the drain?

1.Warm Water & Vinegar: we first recommend that you try putting in some quantity of warm water and vinegar into your drain, when done in the right way it will go a long way in clearing the plumbing

2.Use a Plunger: before placing your plunger on your sink opening, your should fill your sink with water before thrusting the plunger in an upward and downward movement; this will help clear tiny particles which constitute clog from the water channels.

3.Try a Snake: you must have heard of auger right? Well that is another name for snake, it is sold at home improvement store. With a snake you can run a long wire which should go through your drain. It works by pushing any particles along the drain down to the pipe and at some point it could be used to pull back objects out from the sink.

4.Call a Professional:

Having gone through all methods we have listed and made mention in in this articles and all prove abortive, it’s time you put a call to a professionals whose job is to identify the root cause and help you fix whatever the problem is.

As you know Plumbers are well experienced when it comes to stuff like this, this is not limited to with even the most complicated of clogged drains, they sure know where to look into and get everything fixed.

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