Tormek Alternative That You Can Consider(indept analysis)

The Tormek is a high quality sharpening machine that can be utilized to sharpen long and short blades at home and any other place. Though it might seem as something with relevance however, it relevance cannot be overstated.

It Is quite important to sharpen your knives as all knives need sharpening as well as proper maintaince to avoid them from depreciating from a few use.

Now the question regarding sharpening stone also comes in as it is quite a task to choose a perfect sharpening whetstone has become a task and every knife owner /enthusiast is seeking to acquire one.

Since there are lots of blade sharpeners out there, choosing one for yourself might definitely stress you out hence, we have compiled alternatives you can opt for when seeking to purchase a blade sharpener.


Tormek Alternatives That You Can Consider

Tormek stands to be a state of the art water sharpener which stands to be so popular among knife enthusiasts in recent times. The sharpener can be used to sharpen a wide range of tools such as scissors, blades and most importantly, knives. The sharpener stands to be one of the best in recent times which gives credit to its popularity.

Furthermore, the Tormek sharpener is of two different models which includes the : T14 model and the T-8 model that comes with unique characteristics and features regardless, both of these models of sharpener are known to work effectively.

In as much as Tormek provides such effective tools, most persons still seek an alternative to their products and we have successfully put together an article, that highlights other alternatives to Tormek.

The Grizzly Wet Grinder

The Grizzly Wet Grinder comes second on our list of alternatives for Tormek sharpener.grizzly wet grinder

The Grizzly Tormek 2720-10 stands to be one the most popular. The Grizzly Wet Grinder features a 220-×Grit, ½ ‘’ to 2’’ inches wide aluminum grinding wheel and this feature is strictly made to enhance the blade sharpening skills.

Another interesting factor about this particular machine is that it makes use of the water bath technology to prevent extra-buildup as well as reduce the heat of the motor might accumulate during performance.

The manufacturers of the Grizzly Wet Grinder also makes it more interesting as the Grinder comes with a one year warranty and it also maintains a speed with 90-150 KPM and this contributes to its smooth finishing when sharpening.

Another important factor about Grizzly is the fact that they consider their products users as well as they do everything to make them comfortable.

They actually provide customer support as well as technical support for their products users.

In conclusion to the Grizzly sharpening whetstone, the price is something you can actually go down well with.

It is priced at $240 which is less pricey than the Tormek sharpener and this price range is quite okay for an alternative sharpener with exclusive features.

Delta Wet /Dry Grinder

The delta wet grinder is one alternative you may choose to opt for, it can assist in performing the role of an alternative to the universal wet dry grinder

For individuals with low budget, you can consider opting for the Tormek Delta Wet /Grinder. The delta grinder has a RPM of 70-90 speed and this is quite good for a wheel stone grinder.

Furthermore, the installation process of the delta whetstone grinder is quite okay for an average grinder.

One of the downside to the delta wet/grinder is that the wheel wears off after a few use and it also lack the water running system and this can make it hot after a few minutes of use.

For the heat it generates, water can be used as a technique to reduce the water as the user can manually apply water on the machine once it gets hot,

this can get rid of the heat gradually as the machine works.

One downside of the Delta wet /dry grinder is that the spare parts of this particular machine cannot be found online or at retail stores either as the producers don’t manufacture spare parts of their products so once it develops a major fault, you are definitely getting a new one.

Scheppach Tiger 2000s

The Scheppach tiger comes third on our list of alternatives to the Tormek stainless sharpener for individuals seeking sharpening stones that can actually stand the test of time at a more affordable rate.

I think the scheppach Tiger 2000s is actually a perfect option for you as it comes with lots of features which you may not find in other low end wet sharpeners.

Researches proves that some features and effectiveness of the sharpener could actually stand that of Tormek and this is one reason you should pay attention to this beastly machine.

The Scheppach tiger sharpener brand is categorized into two different categories namely : The Scheppach tiger 2000s and the Scheppach tiger 5000s. The Scheppach tiger 2000s runs with a motor that generates 230-240v or 50Hz and 120kw.

The WG-250 Whetstone Grinder

This is another option for people who work within domestic environments. It comes with unique features and abilities which are slightly similar to the Delta wet /dry grinder. you can use it to sharpen knives, scissors, etc.

For knife enthusiasts seeking less complicated and cheap sharpeners, the WG – 250 Whetstone is actually an alternative for you as it can actually suit your needs.

Diamond /Trizact Belt

For persons interested in using belts as sharpeners, the diamond Trizact Belt comes with an adjustable torque and a feature that permits the user to adjust the pressure of the machine as well as the speed.

WEN Sharpening System

The WEN Sharpening machine is another option that is also available for interested persons.wen sharpening system

The WEN comes in different models just like other brands and for an alternative to the Tormek sharpener, we would recommend the BG420T-10 model as this could be considered a perfect option for you. The BG4270T 10- inch comes with a reverse rotational technique that will permit you sharpen unique and exclusive tools.

Furthermore, the WEN sharpening system producers also made life more easier for it users by making spare parts of its products available at stores offering such products.

On the aspect of speed, the WEN Sharpening System stands out of the crowd with a 155 RPM speed ability and trust me, this is quite okay for an average sharpener.

About Tormek

Tormek is a Sweden based brand that specializes in production of sharpening products and accessories such as sharpening machine, accessories, grinding wheels, honing wheels and culinary tools as well as spare parts. They are a leading brand in their line as they serve over 35 countries.

Is Tormek Worth It?

Following customer reviews and preferences, we can come to conclude that the Tormek sharpener is one outstanding machine in the market place however, there are other alternatives available for persons who don’t wish to patronize Tormek or persons who feel their products are quite pricey.


The article above features list of alternatives that could suit your sharpening needs asides the Tormek sharpener.

Though the Tormek sharpener stands out from other, regardless, most persons still seek alternatives to their products as they could come in expensive.