Did You Put Your Hand or Finger In Toilet Water? Here Are Things You Should Know

Its gross to touch toilet water most especially when you want to get something that mistakenly fell into the toilet , this happens to so many people around the globe considering the fact that no day passes by in which we don’t make use of the toilets at least 3 or more times daily.

The state of the toilet water will determine how bad you will feel when you deep your hand in the toilet bowl to retrieve an object. There are some toilet water that are so dirty and disgusting while some are already filled with poo. So what kind of toilet water did you deep your hands into? Is it :

  • Just a Water that is on the seat of your toilet?
  • Is it public toilet?
  • Lastly is the toilet filled with poo that has not been flushed?

From the above list, you will agree with me that you will feel more disgusting if its a public toilet that is full of poo or urine.


Putting your hand in toilet water:Did You Put Your Hand or Finger In Toilet Water

it’s not normal to just deep your hand into the toilet water ; it could be that your reason for doing so is just to retrieve an item that mistakenly fell into the toilet or rather a toy or an object thrown inside the toilet by your kid.

What really happen when you put your hand or finger inside the toilet?

When you deep your hand or finger inside a toilet water the hand is bound to stink or rather becomes infected with bacteria but all this only happens to the outer layer of your skin unless you have a cut on the hand.
All you should do is to quickly Wash your hand with soap and disinfectant and rinse it repeatedly. All this should be done in a running water

Note: there is nothing serious that happens if you put your hands in toilet water . It doesn’t call for serious concern or make you want to visit the hospital

Is it OK to put hand in toilet?

It is not okay to put your hands in the toilet. You can pick up bacteria such as :

  • Streptococcus,
  • Shigella
  • E. coli
  • Staph
  • Hepatitis A
  • Colds

Putting your hand in toilet water is not something that causes pain rather you should make sure your hands are washed.

How dirty is the toilet water?

No matter how clean your toilet water seems to be or appears to be it still contains bacteria from urine and feces and on the average, toilet bowl contains 3.2 million bacteria per square inch and with this you will agree with me that our toilet will qualify as one of the dirty stuff in most homes and this is something you should be worried about because we all use the toilet everyday-

Can you die from a hand in a toilet bowl

No you can’t die from just putting your hand in toilet water. Remember that the water didn’t get into your mouth its juts only your skin. Unless you have an open cut in your skin that is when you should be worried about suffering from sepsis.

So if you have something you want to retrieve from your toilet and you need to reach down there just simply put on a glove and pick whatever you wish to pick or if you make use of your hand you need to wash your hand instantly.

Toilet water splash in your enus

Remember that you could get infection from a splash in your enus from toilet water especially when you are making use of public toilets and you must be very careful about how you make use of toilets used by multiple people.

How do I stop my toilet from splashing when I poop?

To prevent the water from splashing you, just put some tissue paper on the water surface so as to help reduce the splash on you.

Here are some common bacteria you could find in toilet water: streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus



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