Can You Flush Cereal Down The Toilet

No you should not flush down cereal down your toilet because cereal like pasta, rice, oatmeal etc are known to expand once they get soaked in water. As they expanded along the sewer line and also build up, they will might cause a clog.
What you need to do, is to dispose your cereal properly in your trash otherwise if you decide to flush it down your toilet, as they become waterlogged there is possibility that they will just expand . Once there is an expansion this can actually cause a clogs and backups . And if you pour your cereal in your toilet and it get soaked before you flush it, it will expand and become immune to flushing.Can You Flush Cereal Down The Toilet


Is it okay to flush cereal?

Many people think it’s just fine to flush your cereal down the toilet . They find nothing wrong about this practice maybe because cereal are small in size and can easily go through the pipes but when you look at the bigger picture and care about your toilet or drainage system you will think twice before flushing that cereal.
You should understand that the main problems with toilets are clogs and this common problem don’t just occur, it’s most likely occur as people keep flushing food scraps into the drain.

Can you dump cereal down the drain?

You should never dump cereal down your drain or kitchen sink as they are known to take lot of water before they finally get flushed or get rid off.

On the other hand cereal tends to react with other food scrap like pasta, rice, and bread and all this could stick in your pipe and also expand thereby leading to blockage of free flow of water. To safe your self from trouble like this, dispose your cereal in a compost pile.

Can cereal go down the drain?

To avoid clogging its better you refrain from pouring or flushing cereal down the drain. Once it comes in contact with water then it will expand in size and it could release starch and all this could lead to massive build-up along your pipes which will cause blockage.

What happens if you flush cereal down the toilet?

Most People assume that when they empty cereal down the toilet no matter the quantity it slips down the toilet, and that’s the end of it.

But honestly there is more to that, that happens beneath right inside your pipes. Cereal and other grains will go down your toilet drain when they are flushed with enough water but as they come in contact with water they becomes big in size as they bloat they could easily clog your pipes,
So it’s best you avoid pouring cereals down your toilet.

Dog eat cereal? Can i give it to my dog

You can give your dog cereal to eat and it will be a win win situation here. Cereal is good for dogs but this should not be in large quantities.

While feeding your dog cereal you should ask your self this question ; does the cereal have lots of sugar or an artificial sweeteners? As this could make your dog become obese. More also ensure the cereal does not contain protein

Types Of Cereal That Are Safe For Dogs

Cereal bars: this type of cereal are okay for dog. They don’t have any food allergens.

Whole grain cereal:wheat cereal, rye, barley and oats are good for dogs to eat.

Rice cereal: rice cereal don’t produce any allergic reaction therefore they are good for your dog.


You might not have a garbage disposal system in your home, we understand that and it’s not a big deal and also we don’t still want our kitchen to have that awful smell ;

again its not a good idea to flush down food or any leftover down the drain this is because your pipes are not designed to handle this particles as they are very small so to avoid getting sewage backups or clogged you should never flush anything that cause a buildup along the pipe.

Note : food particles hardly break down. Some are known to expand while others become sticky and glue other food substance that flows their path.


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