ZDP189 Vs VG10 comparison: All You Should Know

Having discussed the best between 440C and VG10 in our previous post, we are shifting our attention to ZDP-189 and VG10.

In this post, we will compare both knives and see which one deserves your money. We will discuss their rust resistance, edge retention, sharpness, hardeness, strength, compositions, among other aspects.

This promises to be an exciting and detailed article, so let’s get started without taking more time.



Rust resistance:

Does VG10 rust?

VG10 features a very high rust resistance as it contains chromium and other chemical elements that could prevent rust.

Nonetheless, VG-10 can rust if you use it recklessly without proper care. Leaving it wet, or exposing it to the atmosphere over a long period could lead to rust regardless of its anti-rust attributes or compositions.

Does zdp 189 rust?

ZDP 189 is much more like the VG10 in this regard. It has a very high rust resistance, meaning it doesn’t rust too easily if you take absolute care of it.

Wash and dry it immediately after use. Store in a conducive position to prevent rust. Meanwhile, ZDP-189 is liable to rust without proper care.

stainless steel: What kind of steel is ZDP-189?

ZDP-189 is quality stainless steel with high rust resistance, high hardness and impressive durability.

ZDP-189 contains a high amount of Chromium and carbon which explains why renowned companies like Rockstead Knives, love using it for their sharp and attractive knives.

Apart from its durability, ZDP-189 is also known for its sharp edge, massive wear resistance, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Meanwhile, you would love to know that the premium steel is mostly used in Chef knives (Kitchen knives) and it was first manufactured by a Japanese company — Smithery of Yoshida Hamono.

What kind of steel is VG10?

VG 10 is highly-rated steel invented by the Takefu Special Steel Company in Japan. It is stainless steel belonging to the V series line of steel.

As stated earlier, the VG 10 boasts massive edge retention, high rust resistance, good toughness, and moderate hardness.

Considering these features and its massive composition, it’s one surprise that vg10 stainless steel is mostly deployed by popularly companies to make kitchen, hunting, and pocket knives.

VG10 steel is a go-to option for anyone looking for quality, and durable knives for their kitchen.

Edge Retention: VG10 edge retention vs ZDP-189 edge retention

ZDP-189 has superior edge retention when compared to the VG10, although it’s hard to sharpen the blade.

As mentioned already, it’s easier to sharpen the VG10 steel but it doesn’t retain the sharpness over a long time.

According to knifeuser’s ratings, VG-10 scores 5/10, while ZDP-189 scores 8/10 as far as edge retention is concerned.

Hardness: VG10 vs ZDP-189

ZDP-189 Steel is pretty hard. With 67 HRC (Rockwell hardness) score, it’s arguably one of the steels with the highest hardness in the market.

Though VG10 has an inferior hardness to ZDP-189, it isn’t a pushover in the market. With a 60 Rockwell hardness, VG10 remains a force to reckon with in the market.

However, there is no debate over which one is better between the two knives judging by the HRC ratings.

Toughness: VG10 vs ZDP-189

VG10 comes out top in this regard, although one would have expected ZDP-189 to be better considering its high hardness level.

However, things don’t work that way. It is believed that steel can’t have the same level of toughness and hardness.

Therefore, ZDP-189 isn’t as tough as the VG10 steel. According to knifebasics’ ratings, ZDP-189 manages 5/10, while VG-10 boasts a 6/10 scoreline.

Sharpness: VG10 vs ZDP-189

Sharpening hard steel is always a difficult task. Therefore, VG-10 is better than ZDP-189 in this regard.

ZDP-189 with 67 HRC is harder than VG-10 which features 60 HRC. Hence, it is easier to sharpen VG-10 than ZDP-189.

Strength: VG10 vs ZDP-189

VG10 and ZDP-189 are among the most durable and strongest knives in the market. They contain almost the same chemical compositions, which explains why they are rated higher than the many products on the market.

Though it’s a bit difficult to choose the better still in this regard, we are tempted to go for ZDP-189 due to its superior hardness.ZDP189 Vs VG10

Composition: VG10 vs ZDP-189

ZDP 189 composition

Molybdenum1. 4%
Manganese0. 5%
Molybdenum0. 4%
Silicon0. 5%
Vanadium0. 5%
Tungsten0. 6%
ZDP 189 composition

VG10 composition

Manganese0. 5
Phosphorus0. 03
Hardness58/60 HRC
VG10 composition

Frequently Asked Questions About VG10 And ZDP-189

Does ZDP-189 rust?

ZDP-189 can rust but it seldom occurs due to its high rust resistance. The steel features chemical components which protect it against rust and other atmospheric effects.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take proper care of your knives and other kitchen utensils. Ensure you clean and dry all steel equipment in your house immediately after using them.

The ZDP-189 will rust if you don’t use it accordingly. Leaving it in a wet, dirty condition over a long period will lead to rust.

ZDP-189 steel corrosion resistance

ZDP-189 steel has moderate corrosion resistance due to its high Carbon and Chromium content.

However, most people believed it doesn’t live up to expectations considering its status as one of the premium knives in the market.

They aren’t satisfied with the corrosion resistance level they witnessed in the ZDP-189. According to some remarks, the knife is prone to rust aggressively without proper care.

Talking of proper care for ZDP-189, don’t leave it in water or any liquid overnight, clean and dry it after use, and keep it in a conducive position.

Is zdp189 stainless?

Yes, ZDP-189 is stainless steel. It has a strong resistance to stain, wear, and corrosion due to its composition.

Who makes Zdp 189 steel?

There has been a slight confusion over who was the real ZDP-189 maker between Hitachi Metal and Yoshida Hamono.

Yoshida Hamono manufactured the ZDP-189 knife using the steel and materials produced by Hitachi Metals.

For instance, the ZDP-189 blade is made by Hitachi Metals Ltd which is another Japanese company.

The steel content mixture and preparation were done by Hitachi metal, while the coupling and larger production process was done by the family-owned Hamono.


As mentioned earlier, what you intend to use the knife is another factor to consider while choosing your desired choice. Price is another crucial thing you must consider. ZDP-189 is more expensive than VG10.