Aus10 vs VG10: Stainless steel Everything You Need To Know

Kitchen blades are handy equipment, it helps facilitate the efficiency of our activities in the kitchen. For absolute efficiency and durability, a perfect product is highly recommended.

Since the market is filled with lots of products from multiple brands, as well as different designs, and marketing strategy, it might be difficult to pick up a good product when seeking to purchase one which is why this article was created.

Knives might appear shiny and durable, however, they could still be fake and pricey. Today, we are going to talk about two different types of knives, their components, parent company and how durable they can be to their user.Aus10 vs VG10


Stainless steel : Aus10 vs VG10

Now let’s get down to its quality. Aus10 and Vg10 blades are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel can be described as an alloy of iron that doesn’t rust easily and is not easily affected by corrosion.

The two products contains at least 15% chromium and several hard element such as carbon as well as non metals. Both products are also poor conductors of electricity which concludes the fact that both product are manufactured from 100% stainless steel.

Edge – Retention : Aus10 vs VG10

Now let’s get down to the edge of retention of the Aus10 and Vg10 blades. Now the edge of retention of a blade actually means the capacity of a blade not being blunt or dulled by several influences which might include mechanical or thermal influences.

Now this actually means how long a blade can remain sharp over long period of usage. For the Aus10, the edge of retention can be classified as having less advantage over the Vg10 due to the lesser amount of carbon used in its production. 0.98% percent of carbon was used in the production of the aus10 while 1% percent carbon was used in the production of the Vg10. Now the difference is clear and the Vg10 has a great advantage in terms of edge of retention.

Rust – resistance : Aus10 vs VG10

The rust resistance of any blade can be determined by the amount of chromium used in manufacturing the blade. Generally, the rust resistance of stainless steel is actually known to be top notch as it contains over 10% of chromium.

However, Aus10 seems to be lower in rust resistance level than the Vg10 as the Aus10? Possesses 14.50% chromium component while the Vg10 houses 15% chromium component. Regardless, researches proves that both blades are known to have high rust resistance.

Hardness : Aus10 vs VG10

Now we are going to take a look at the structure Aus10 and Vg10 blades that determines the hardness. Basically, it is believed that the hardness of any stainless steel is determined by the amount of carbon present in its alloy structure as well as manganese and ferile.

However, the most important factor that strengthens a blade is the amount of carbon in alloy involved in the production of the blade; Aus10 is known to posses over 0.98% of carbon with a Hrc of 58 – 60 which is known to be a great composition while the Vg10 possesses 1% carbon and a 56-60 Hrc.

NB: Hrc actually means higher the Rockwell.

Toughness : Aus10 vs VG10

Toughness could be defined as the ability for an object to resist fracture upon being stressed. Everyone wants to tough blade, one that could be able to chop off things easily without threatening to snap, hence, the argument of the Aus10 and Vg10 blades.

The presence of Vanadium in a blade determines it toughness. Research proves that the Aus10 is manufactured with 0.28 vanadium element while the Vg10 is laced with just 0.2% Vanadium element.

Ductility : Aus10 vs VG10

Ductility is an important factor to be considered when seeking to purchase a blade for yourself. The ductility of a blade actually reveals its resistance due to expansion during a test. The typical ductility of Aus10 and Vg10 blades are mostly bounded between 60-70 ductility rate.

Sharpness : Aus10 vs VG10

Notwithstanding the composition of stainless steel and how tough or hard they can be, most folks are more concerned on how sharp they are for efficiency. I don’t think anyone would want to work with a blunt blade as this could be so annoying and inefficient.

Aus10 and Vg10 blades are known to be extremely sharp blades, however, Aus10 blades are known to stay longer after they are sharpened as it is known that the blades are quite strenuous to sharpen.

On the other part, the Vg10 are easy to sharpen but gets blunt due to frequent use. Now, both blades are nice for anyone who wishes to buy one but people might prefer the Aus10 on this one.

Strength : Aus10 vs VG10

Now, asides the sharpness, ductility, toughness of these blades, you might wish to know how strong they could be. Make no mistake to think that these blades are not durable as they are classified as one of the strongest Japanese brands around the world.

The presence of carbon in a blade makes the blade more durable as it is known as a carbon steel. You might want to try them out by purchasing and I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Composition : Aus10 vs VG10

The composition of a metal can be explained as what makes it up. The total amount of elements that contributes to its durability and effectiveness are what makes up its composition. You might want to know the composition of Aus10 and Vg10 blades which is why we compiled them in this article.

Aus10 blades are made up of

0.28 Vanadium : which it’s presence in the blade keeps up the strength of the steel.

14.50% chromium : Researches proves that the presence of chromium in a stainless steel actually improves its edge retention.

0.98% Carbon : Hardness of the blade



Silicon, sulfur, manganese and nickel.

Aus10 composition

Carbon 0. 98%
chromium 14. 50%
Molybdenum 0.10-0.31%
Vanadium 0.28%
Nickel 0.49%
Silicon 1.00%

Aus10 composition

Vg10 composition includes :

Carbon 1%
chromium 15%
Molybdenum 1%
Cobalt 1.3%


What is Aus10?

Aus10 is a notable brand of blade around the world which is manufactured in Japan by Aichi steel company. The blades are known to be one of the best selling brands especially, for chefs.

The blades are manufactured in Japan and exported to several stores around the world as their products are known for its durability and effectiveness.

Is Aus10 a carbon steel?

Aus10 could be considered as carbon steel as they contain certain amount of carbon in them. However, they could be termed as low carbon steel as other elements are involved in its production. Some elements involved in the production of Aus10 exceeds the total amount of carbon used in the production of Aus10.

Is Aus10 a good knife steel?

Yes it is. Aus10 is widely recognized as a good knife steel around the world,especially in Japan. They are considered to be sharp, durable and also lightweight. They are equally affordable.

Who makes aus10 steel?

Aus10 steel is manufactured in Japan by Aichi steel company.

Who makes Vg10 steel?

Vg10 steel are manufactured by Takefu Special Steel Co. Ltd,based in Takefu, Fukui Prefecture , Japan.

What is Vg10?

Vg10 is a brand of Japanese blades that are designed and manufactured in Japan. The VG-10 actually means V-Gold 10. It was believed that the brand was targeted at chefs who needed durable and affordable knives before they expanded production.

Are Aus10 blades cheaper than Vg10 products?

Yes they are! Aus10 blades are known to be more cheaper unlike VG – 10 products which are known to be quite pricey.


The article above features a lot of helpful information about blades. I don’t think you’ll have difficulties in choosing a blade for yourself after reading this article.

Aus10 blades and Vg10 blades are both good products however, you can make your choice based on what you feel about the products.