9cr18Mov Vs VG-10 :Everything You Need To Know

You might ask yourself, what are the best kitchen blades? Or knives brands rather. The better question should be ‘’what are the best brands?. Sometimes the issue could not be of the brand, rather, it could arise from the certain materials involved in the production of the blade.

Generally, durable and effective blades don’t come cheap and I bet that you wouldn’t want to pay a dime for something that doesn’t serve it purpose, talk more of paying for something pricey without enjoying the full utility.

Today, we are going to let you in on a particular brand of knives known as the 9cr18Mov. We are going to discuss its composition, durability and effectiveness as well as compare it with another brand like VG-10

9cr18Mov Vs VG-10


Stainless- steel : 9cr18Mov Vs VG-10


Of course this high rated blade is made from steel, assuring the user of durability and increased resistance. It contains over 18% chromium as well as non – metals which are included to ensure it serves it purpose without complaints from users.

The 9cr18Mov is also designed to resist corrosion which in turn increases the blade mechanical strength. Surely, no blade enthusiasts or chef would want to ignore this sleek product.


On thee part of the VG-10, it is also known to be manufactured from steel alloy which equally resists corrosion and rusting but has a slight low composition of 15% Chromium, The VG – 10 is known to be a top family of stainless steel blades.

Edge Retention : 9cr18Mov Vs VG-10

9cr18Mov :

Since most blade users mostly bother about the edge retention of a blade when seeking to purchase one, the manufacturers of the 9cr18Mov has seized the opportunity to curb such issues by putting it into consideration. A blade laced with 0.95% Carbon element is expected to posses a top notch retention edge over frequent usage.


VG – 10 edge retention can also be classified as one of the best in the world with 1.05% carbon . Researches proves that its Japanese manufacturers were concerned about weak edge due to complaints from chefs which led to the improvement of their blades edge retention. This blade can be used for a long time without having to worry about a blunt edge.

Rust – Resistance :9cr18Mov Vs VG – 10

9cr18Mov :

Now this tends to be highly relevant in terms of product appearance. It can be so annoying to discover that a blade developed a rust scar during a short period of time of no use. The 9cr18Mov actually gives no chance to rusting as it contains 18.5% chromium. Now, this is slightly much for any stainless steel product. Note any stainless steel that boast of over 11.1% chromium could resist rust.

VG – 10:

On the part of the VG – 10,the blade equally gives no chance to rust agent as equally contains enough chromium elements (15%) to tackle rust.

Hardness : 9cr18Mov Vs VG-10

9cr18Mov :

This might appear so sleek and shiny but I can assure you that it’s no where close to being fragile. Impressive right? As a steel laced with 0.9% carbon, the 9cr18Mov blade doesn’t disappoint in terms of its structure. They could be used by hunters upon tree stomps as they have less chance of snapping. The list higher the rockwell rating of this blade stands at 58-60, it is highly durable and more brittle over time.

VG – 10:

The VG – 10 also tends to be more hard as it comes with a Hrc of 56-60 and is laced with 1% Carbon element. The 9cr18Mov is over the VG-10 in terms of hardness.

Toughness : 9cr18Mov Vs VG – 10

9cr18Mov :

The 9cr18Mov has been proven to have a tough structure as it can be used for several indoor and outdoor activities with wearing off. The inclusion of Vanadium 0.85% and Molybdenum 0.85% in its production enhances its toughness, making it suitable for any use.


The VG – 10 isn’t left out of this particular category as it is known to stand intense use due to its tough nature. Topping the Aus10 blade, the VG – 10 is known to be laced with 1.2% Molybdenum, 0.3% Vanadium elements that contributes to its toughness.


9cr18Mov :

This blade can be relatively ductile to that of its counterparts and its ideal for hunting. They are produced to stand extreme flexibility during usage, however they might not be able to be so flexible due to its structure.

VG – 10:

The VG – 10 on the other hand is known to be a ductile blade. It scores a ductile rating of 60-70.

Sharpness : 9cr18Mov Vs VG – 10

9cr18Mov :

The sharpness of the 9cr18Mov cannot be overstated as they are can pierce through vulnerable objects easily, so if you are considering getting this blade for kitchen activities, then you wouldn’t be making a mistake. However, sharpening these blades could be strenuous as HRC 58-60 blades could be tough when trying to sharpen then but could last longer after sharpening.

VG – 10:

On the part of the VG – 10 blade, they appear to be also hard to sharpen ( takes 10 to 30 minutes to sharpen ) due to their HRC nonetheless, they are also known to retain their sharpness for long after successfully sharpening them. I would strongly advise any user of such blades to purchase a blade sharpener as that would ease the stress involved in sharpening this blades.

Strength :9cr18Mov Vs VG – 10

9cr18Mov :

The presence of silicon and manganese both 0.80% in the 9cr18Mov steel blade is not useless as it enhances the strength of the steel. This blade could be able to stand intense conditions when in use without any form of damage. For hunters and outdoor sportsmen who use these types of blade, the 9cr18Mov would be the last on the list to disappoint them.

VG – 10 :

The fact that the VG – 10 is being compared with the 9cr18Mov doesn’t change the fact that the VG – 10 isn’t laced with several elements to enhance its strength.

Composition: 9cr18Mov Vs VG – 10

These blades don’t just appear perfect as you may imagine, the production process comprises of several chemical elements which contributes to their strength, toughness and ductility. Below, we are going to list the composition of these blades for easy comprehension.

9cr18Mov Composition :

18% Chromium : The presence of chromium in the 9cr18Mov makes it highly resistant to corrosion.

0.95%Carbon : Since the carbon of the 9cr18Mov is above 0.60, it is considered okay as it contributes to the structure of this blade.

0.8% Manganese : This improves the blade hardness.

0.8 silicon.

0.03 sulfur

0.12 Vanadium

0.6 Nickel

The above composition of elements makes up the structure of the 9cr18Mov.

VG – 10 Composition :

The composition below makes up the structure of the VG – 10

Cobalt1. 5%


What is 9cr18Mov?

9cr18Mov is a popular steel brand which is known to be manufactured in China.

What is 9cr18Mov equivalent to?

9cr18Mov is actually equivalent to 440 steel which are known to be similar due to the fact that both steel contains high chromium and carbon elements. Furthermore, both steel share the same Hrc rating which equals 58-60. 9cr18Mov is equally equivalent to the 440B steel as they share the same composition. Nonetheless, there are increased chemical composition in the 9cr18Mov steel than that of the 440B.

Is 9cr18Mov a good knife steel?

Apparently! The 9cr18Mov are perfect for knives steel as they are manufactured for such use. Moreover, it tops the knife market for its quality and affordability.

How good is 9cr18Mov steel?

They are quite perfect to an extent. The manufacturer behind its production is known to be the largest in China.

Final Words

9cr18Mov and VG-blades are good steel products. Good enough to serve whatever purpose you might need them for. However, you might want to check out their prices before looking to purchase them as they are not included in this article due to changes in price.

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