8Cr14moV: 7 Questions & answers for new users

8Cr14moV: 7 Questions & answers for new users

In recent years, it has been discovered that some Chinese steel knives have reached the point of high consideration in the knife industry due to their pocket-friendly price and ease in manufacturing.

In lieu of that, the 8Cr series has gained popularity in the kitchen tools market of today. Now the big question is: Are 8Cr13 and 14moV suitable for your knives and cutting tools? Let’s find out in this article.


What is 8Cr13moV steel?

This is a Chinese-made stainless steel blade that is commonly used for home scissors and knives.

8Cr13moV steel tops the list in the knife industry due to its low cost, and comparable hardness. This steel is high in carbon chromium alloy with other major and minor carbides along with cementite for excellent cutting capacity.8Cr14moV

Additionally, 8cr13mov is stainless steel that can be folded into different versions as it tends to be softer than higher-end steel.

It has more than 12% chromium, carbon manganese, and silicon which gives hardness and strength to the steel.

When it comes to quality, it is mid-range steel, which is why many knife makers consider it the ideal option.

Is 8Cr14moV good knife steel?

This is Chinese steel with familiar characteristics to 8Cr13moV that’s worth the money in terms of its excellent steel.

Although it is devoid of higher-end edge retention, it still takes a sharp edge with tough and corrosion resistance. Therefore, if you need an affordable and accurate steel knife, 8Cr14moV is your best shot.

What kind of steel is 8Cr14moV?

This is a high carbon and chromium martensitic stainless steel. It is made of high hardness, abrasion resistance, wear resistance as well as corrosion resistance.

The use of electric furnace primary melting and LF refining to eliminate any dangerous nonmetallic components from the steel during heat handling makes it stronger than its counterparts.

The saintliness and uniformity of the steel are further improved. For smooth cutting tools, medical instruments, and a kitchen knife, 8Cr14moV is the best deal.

Is 8Cr13moV easy to sharpen?

One fact about 8Cr13moV is knife manufacturing. And as such, the product’s hardness gives easy and effective ways to which it can be sharpened because a knife can only be useful when it’s sharpened.

However, one of the most important yet underrated factors of a knife or any cutting tool is the sharpening capacity.

So for 8Cr13mov, you can effortlessly sharpen it with a sharpening stone.

How well does 8Cr13moV hold an edge?

The fact that this steel is mid-range steel makes it easier to opt for when looking for a perfect edge retention steel. One of its unique features is a high retention ability even though, the manufacturer’s heat treatment can still make a huge difference in the feat of the steel.

So it is appropriate for kitchen knife, EDC knife and even an hunting knife. However, the overall edge retention of steel still depends on various factors such as hardness, toughness, blade grind, edge geometry, and so on.

Therefore, it can be an accumulation of the various properties of specific steel.

Does 8Cr13moV steel rust?

Just like every other stainless steel blade, the only way to avoid rusting is by keeping them away from wet conditions and as well as keeping them dry after each use.

Even though 8cr13mov has corrosion resistance which is enough to prevent rust if abandoned for a long time,

the fact that its chromium is on the lower part of the stainless scale, it still tends to rust or tint so, it is best to take adequate care of it.

How bad is 8Cr13moV?

The saying that “a cheap product doesn’t mean it’s bad” is the exact fit for 8cr13mov.

Considering the cheap price, you might be thinking it might not be durable but the quality features endeared in it have proved you wrong.

So do you need an affordable knife or cutting tools with corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness? then 8cr13mov isn’t bad after all!


On a final note, it’s also pertinent to know that 8cr13mov production is easy for global produce since it’s a stainless as the procedure for stainless steel is well known.

Hence China may not be the only manufacturing company. However, choosing any steel lower than 7cr may be inconsiderable since this series have no capacity to hold an edge.

Also selecting above 9cr can be equally costly, so for a quality and affordable stainless steel series, you do not need any other than 8cr steel.